March 2, 2020

A female client in her mid 20's with post spinal fusion T1- L2 for scoliosis almost 20 years ago. She had bad mid back pain and couldn't bend forward. Right hand had been numb and shoulders were tight.

First session released her lower back.

Second session, she felt the sensation all the way from the neck to the tailbone. She has no pain and can bend forward easily.  Her posture changed so much.

(Photo 1)  February 21

February 28

August 28, 2019

So many new clients came past 2 weeks with "Sciatic nerve pain" or self- diagnosed "sciatica".

They all have some tension or pain on the back of one leg, or both legs, radiating from lower back and ends in back of the knee or going down all the way to the foot.

Some of them have gone to receive several treatments from other methods and didn't improve or got worse.

An elderly lady came with a chronic back pain and she had a spinal stenosis at L4-L5.  (I say elderly when they are older than me nowadays.)  She seems to be active in spite of her ongoing pain and really wants her active life back.  She had tried treatments for 3 weeks and getting adjusted on the lower back made her leg muscles tighten up and now she developed sciatic nerve pain. She went to see a doctor and he suggested her the option of back surgery. 

I assessed her and it lead me to her right neck tension as the primary dysfunction.  I asked her if she noticed her neck being tight and she said it had alway...

January 19, 2019

Young husband and wife came in for "left neck pain".

Husband suffered it for 10 days and wife just got the same pain yesterday. Both of them couldn't turn the neck to the left more than 30 degrees.

Wife's screening shows positive SI Joint  (right short leg about 1/3 inch)

SI Joint move made her legs to be even.
She could turn her neck to 90 degrees without any pain.
It was straight forward release.


Husband's screening was unremarkable. This is where it gets bit complicated. 
His right leg was more than 1 inch shorter than his left leg. 

From palpation, I treated his neck and his TMJ and his shoulders first.

His right knee also needed to release.  

It seems that he has more layers to resolve in time.

He could turn his neck to 90 degrees without any pain when he left.

January 16, 2019

This case shows how important the holistic assessment is and the order of treatment.

A new client in his mid 50's came in for low back ache.

He woke up with level 10 pain. Went to chiropractic a week before and had his pelvis adjusted. Pain stayed the same so he came to see me.

Right short leg, Cervical Turn Test show positive. I released his Sphenoid and neck first since it is the primary dysfunction and then turned him to prone. His right leg was still short and then Sacroiliac joint screening became positive. 

SI joint release was done and his legs evened out. Walked out pain level 2. I asked him about his neck and he said "I remember my right neck had been very tight for 2 weeks."

One week later, his family member told me that he has been less angry and his pain has been gone.

January 13, 2019

A new female client in her mid-40's came in with "Level 10 neck pain".

She cannot raise her shoulder.

Screening show her positive Sacroiliac joint (SIJ) only. Her Left shoulder/ neck were very tight. Did SIJ move then screening became negative. I could get her rhomboid released a bit and turned her over and worked on her scalenes and Sternocleidomastoid. About 20% released.

Right sphenoid move released her Left SCM 99%. She came back today and said "I slept so well and my co-workers said my personality has changed! I am much nicer!"

January 10, 2019

A new female client in her 60's came in.

She had very bad "sciatica". Went to see a chiropractor. He massaged her back and it almost got worse so she came in to see me 2 days after.

Screening directed to her right TMJ. I released her TMJ (sphenoid) then turn her over.

Right glutes were still tight and kidney was warm. I asked if she was stressed or not sleeping, said she had been extremely stressed.

After Kidney move, it cooled down and low back released 80% after piriformis, and Sacroilliac joint move and hamstrings move.

One week later, she came back and reported her back has been lot better.

January 8, 2019

A client came in for her "left knee pain". She said it started hurting since she went to Disneyland 2 years ago and walked for hours in flip flops. Her family member who has medical knowledge said it was tight hamstrings and her daughter had been massaging her leg every night so she had been ok. Her daughter left for college in September and it was getting worse.


Screening show +ve SIJ and +ve Classis 2CTT, right leg 1 inch shorter.
Her neck and Right sternocleidomastoid (SCM) was tight and she had lump below mastoid process. 
I asked her if she was grinding her teeth and she said she had been since she started studying for her PhD a year ago.

Left ITB, vastus medialis, hamstrings were tight and right vastus medialis was very tight too that I couldn't do any knee move there. I asked if she had any left knee pain and she said her upper inner corner hurts.

After releasing her SCM, back of her neck was relaxed. After sphenoid move, I turned her back to prone. I address the coccyx. Now...

January 1, 2017

Every single year, people make a list after list of the New Year resolution in the hopes of making changes in their lives. It could be about the things they want to cut down, give up, or refrain from. Unfortunately, after just a few days, they end up crossing out some if not everything on the list. But, this should no longer be the case this 2017. You have to make it a point that the moment the horns sound and firework displays adorn the sky by the end of the year, you will be proud and have a big smile on your face knowing that you successfully followed your resolutions. 

If you haven’t been taking care of your health for the past year, you should not only focus on diet exercise and nutrition. To really ensure great results, Bowen technique might be the best entry you can ever have in your New Year resolution list. 

As a refresher, Bowen technique is basically a simple but proven effective non-invasive and drug-free technique which is being administered by trained and professional pract...

December 20, 2016

Are you suffering from low back pain? Do you always experience migraine? Or are you always stressful? Well, there’s a great solution for that and it’s the Bowen technique! 

If you have tried consulting about the pain you’re experiencing to your physician or chiropractor, Bowen technique can be beneficial for people to enjoy nothing but pain relief. 

Bowen technique is basically a holistic therapy, which aims to treat the tendons, muscles, fascia, and nerves. The main principle of this therapy is that it can help your body heal itself. During the treatment, a Bowen therapy practitioner uses fingers and thumbs to shift tissues and muscles gently. It’s a non-invasive technique that stimulates neuro-muscular physiology with the aim of stimulating and balancing the energy flows of the body as well as encouraging self-healing.

Even if it’s related to massage, Bowen Technique is considered as a muscle release technique with gentle moves interspersed with the rest periods made to give the body th...

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