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When the orthopedic shoes are not needed

When I am seeing clients, I usually don't have time to update my blog so this is a good time to do so....

Sadly, many people still need to come in, but shelter in-place order is effective, so instead of seeing my clients, I am enjoying the time at home, gardening, playing with kids, riding my horse and maybe spending bit more time on internet.

Before my office was closed, I was seeing 4 people wearing orthopedic shoes for different issues. 3 were sent by chiropractors.

I don't tell my clients to stop wearing orthopedic shoes against the doctor's prescription of course, but as I treat them and their leg length discrepancy is getting smaller and smaller and none and starts holding, I asked them to go and ask their doctors if they still need to keep wearing those shoes.

All of them got OK not to wear them any more.

If they kept wearing the shoes helping to balance the hip, they would have developed the new issues. However, it all depends how many sessions does it take to balance the leg length discrepancy , how long the new balance will hold.....

Now not seeing them for a month or longer, I called them and ask how they are doing. They seem to be doing OK, pain is gone or still far less than before they came to see me. But how I am hoping to be able to get back to work and see all my clients before long.

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