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So many new clients came past 2 weeks with "Sciatic nerve pain" or self- diagnosed "sciatica".

They all have some tension or pain on the back of one leg, or both legs, radiating from lower back and ends in back of the knee or going down all the way to the foot.

Some of them have gone to receive several treatments from other methods and didn't improve or got worse.

An elderly lady came with a chronic back pain and she had a spinal stenosis at L4-L5. (I say elderly when they are older than me nowadays.) She seems to be active in spite of her ongoing pain and really wants her active life back. She had tried treatments for 3 weeks and getting adjusted on the lower back made her leg muscles tighten up and now she developed sciatic nerve pain. She went to see a doctor and he suggested her the option of back surgery.

I assessed her and it lead me to her right neck tension as the primary dysfunction. I asked her if she noticed her neck being tight and she said it had always been tight as long as she remembers but it didn't bother her as much as her lower back.

I released that tension, waited few minutes and asked her to walk. Her eye got bigger and she said "I still have tension but my back feels different"

At the 2nd session, she reported that her sciatic nerve pain has been almost gone and her back has been feeling better. Her neck seems to be so relaxed but still had more tension on the right side than the left. I released the tension of her neck and after that, I made her lower back muscle to be even and more relaxed. She walked away happy.

At 3rd session, she came back and told me that she went for a long walk and her back and legs were doing just fine. I checked her and she kept her balance well. I told her to come back in a month to have me check.

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