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Two neck pain cases for different reason

Young husband and wife came in for "left neck pain".

Husband suffered it for 10 days and wife just got the same pain yesterday. Both of them couldn't turn the neck to the left more than 30 degrees.

Wife's screening shows positive SI Joint (right short leg about 1/3 inch)

SI Joint move made her legs to be even. She could turn her neck to 90 degrees without any pain. It was straight forward release.

Husband's screening was unremarkable. This is where it gets bit complicated. His right leg was more than 1 inch shorter than his left leg.

From palpation, I treated his neck and his TMJ and his shoulders first.

His right knee also needed to release.

It seems that he has more layers to resolve in time.

He could turn his neck to 90 degrees without any pain when he left.

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