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A new client with low back pain

This case shows how important the holistic assessment is and the order of treatment.

A new client in his mid 50's came in for low back ache.

He woke up with level 10 pain. Went to chiropractic a week before and had his pelvis adjusted. Pain stayed the same so he came to see me.

Right short leg, Cervical Turn Test show positive. I released his Sphenoid and neck first since it is the primary dysfunction and then turned him to prone. His right leg was still short and then Sacroiliac joint screening became positive. SI joint release was done and his legs evened out. Walked out pain level 2. I asked him about his neck and he said "I remember my right neck had been very tight for 2 weeks."

One week later, his family member told me that he has been less angry and his pain has been gone.

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