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Knee pain resolved not by knee procedure

A client came in for her "left knee pain". She said it started hurting since she went to Disneyland 2 years ago and walked for hours in flip flops. Her family member who has medical knowledge said it was tight hamstrings and her daughter had been massaging her leg every night so she had been ok. Her daughter left for college in September and it was getting worse.

Screening show +ve SIJ and +ve Classis 2CTT, right leg 1 inch shorter. Her neck and Right sternocleidomastoid (SCM) was tight and she had lump below mastoid process. I asked her if she was grinding her teeth and she said she had been since she started studying for her PhD a year ago.

Left ITB, vastus medialis, hamstrings were tight and right vastus medialis was very tight too that I couldn't do any knee move there. I asked if she had any left knee pain and she said her upper inner corner hurts.

After releasing her SCM, back of her neck was relaxed. After sphenoid move, I turned her back to prone. I address the coccyx. Now her right leg is 0.5cm shorter with -ve SIJ. Her hamstrings came loose and ITB released. Her right inside upper corner of knee didn't hurt any more. Both vastus medialis were OK to touch.

She stood up and walked around and said she had no pain. The bonus was her lump under the right ear was gone.

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