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Testimonial 4: Bulging disk didn't need a surgery

I started seeing Mito in early 2013 in my late 70's. I had a bad headaches for years and neck issues. I used to receive massage but my pain didn't go away.

And a doctor told me that I had a bulging disk and needed a surgery on my neck.

February 2013

I didn't want to have a surgery, so I started seeing Mito at Lakeport Bowen. After first session, my neck pain was little better.

I saw her weekely and after 2 month, my neck pain was almost gone.

I went back to the doctor and he said we will wait on the surgery.

I saw Mito about once a month for a while and in 2015, doctor told me I don't need a surgery. I knew it!

March 2015

Bowen is very gentle and relaxing. I would rather go see Mito because the effect is lasting and eliminating pain and I don't even need a surgery.

Past 3 years, I only see her about 3-4 times a year.

But my neck is in great shape.

February 2018

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