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Bowen Technique – Atypical Treatment with Lots of Health Benefits to Offer

Are you suffering from low back pain? Do you always experience migraine? Or are you always stressful? Well, there’s a great solution for that and it’s the Bowen technique!

If you have tried consulting about the pain you’re experiencing to your physician or chiropractor, Bowen technique can be beneficial for people to enjoy nothing but pain relief.

Bowen technique is basically a holistic therapy, which aims to treat the tendons, muscles, fascia, and nerves. The main principle of this therapy is that it can help your body heal itself. During the treatment, a Bowen therapy practitioner uses fingers and thumbs to shift tissues and muscles gently. It’s a non-invasive technique that stimulates neuro-muscular physiology with the aim of stimulating and balancing the energy flows of the body as well as encouraging self-healing.

Even if it’s related to massage, Bowen Technique is considered as a muscle release technique with gentle moves interspersed with the rest periods made to give the body the time to heal and relax. It’s more closely related to TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine with the belief in life force, which flows through the body.

Bowen technique is especially effective for skeletal-muscular problems, which include those related to pain in the knee, ankle, neck, and back. It’s also effective when stimulating lymphatic drainage and circulation and the automatic nervous system that controls respiratory and cardiac functions. It’s also effective when dealing with every stress related condition.

The main benefit of Bowen technique is relief from any muscular-skeletal conditions, but also for some ailments, which include asthma, depression, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, lymphatic drainage, enhanced circulation, improved immune system, increased mobility, improved energy, reduced stress, and pain relief.

Commonly, a Bowen technique session lasts from fifteen to forty-five minutes. Clients typically lie on a massage table or can be seated in the chair if necessary for comfort.Bowen moves are gentle, yet these can be done by considering light clothing. The practitioner will take a pause for a few seconds to minutes as needed during a session between moves for the body of the client to start responding.

As the nervous system starts to adjust the level of tension in the muscles, the practitioner senses once the client is ready for the next moves. A typical approach in the session is to balance the whole body through addressing lower back, the neck, and upper back. To reduce the need for distributing rest of the client, most moves that address the client’s back are completed before turning over for the moves that are done with client lying on her or his back.

Bowen technique is no doubt a good therapy and has the power to heal numerous ailments. If you want to experience relaxation from your stressed muscles, Bowen technique is the best solution for you, especially if you prefer an effective, holistic approach.

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