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I kept saying "it feels so good!"

July 1: At the age of 83, my problems are ear, balance and suffering in ankles and feet - also numbness in toes. Mito's charming manner and beautiful hands seemed to bring comfort and hope for my aged and aching parts!

July 8: It was a much different experience than accupuncture. Mito's hands are wonderful and it seemed like something good was happening.

July 14: Each time more intense touching over more parts of my body. I kept saying "it feels so good!" Later I checked my balance and I had moved from 0 to 8 seconds. This was good!

July 21: First time lying down - on tummy first then on back. My body felt light - a feeling of euphoria! After the treatment there was no stiffness in neck or joints! Next day, much less swelling in feet and ankles.

July 28: Mito's touch is gentle yet her hands and fingers are strong. She seems to know just where to touch. Numbness continues to improve in left toes and swelling is better.

August 4: Added new areas. All seemed helpful. Now there is feeling in toes on right foot - hooray! I drank a glass of H2O and rested one hour (probably should have been acive as usual - but this felt good!) Mito always wants to see me get up off the bed - but all I really want to do is just lie there and enjoy the deep sense of relaxation.

August 19: Numbness in toes on left foot improving. Now there is feeling in toes on right foot. The bulge in right ankle from an old dinjury is completely gone - first time in many years!

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