55 First Street

Suite 304

Lakeport, CA

Berkeley on Sundays


Experience The Truly Deep Relaxation of Bowen Technique 


You may have already tried massage, chiropractic, even acupuncture. Bowen Technique is different. You don't just relax. You get truly deep relaxation that is gentle yet profound. For most people this is something they've never felt before. And best of all, this deep relaxation is a lasting effect that stays with you. Life becomes easier, more enjoyable, more rewarding. Give yourself the gift go Bowen Technique.

Got pain? 


We can work as a team and let you body start the healing process.

Bowen Technique


For adults and babies, dogs and horsess.  If you cannot lay on a massage table, I can work while you are standing or sitting on a chair. 

55 First Street Suite 304

Lakeport, CA


Shuttack Avenue

Berkeley, CA



Tel: 707-245-7605

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